Jnr Coaches

The vision for our junior cycling squad is to provide safe and enjoyable environments that encourage young people to adopt long-term participation in cycling. Junior sport is the most important time to nurture, educate and have fun with physical activity to develop lifelong involvement which is not only beneficial but essential as social influences create a more sedentary lifestyle.

Our junior cycling program is developed by a team of professionals from the club community including an Olympic champion, exercise physiologists and several current and retired international riders who volunteer their time to ensure the future of cycling on the Gold Coast.

We currently have 2 level II and 8 level 1 coaches as well as 6 cycle skills coaches committed to supporting the development of our juniors.  This enables us to provide a unique junior program that identifies early, average and late maturing children and deliver individualised coaching accordingly.

The junior squad is open to children of all ages and abilities from novice through to state and national level competitors. Our aim is to promote healthy living by delivering training that is centred around FUN with a strong focus on developing safe individual and group cycling skills as well as improving personal awareness through challenging physical boundaries.