Junior Equipment Regulations

For all junior categories up to & including JM17 – JW17 the following equipment restrictions will apply for road & track competitions.         

1.     For all events a standard triangular frame may only be used. Such frames shall consist of standard tubing of dimensions no more than 80mm maximum and no less than 25mm minimum. (refer Annexure 6 UCI Bicycle Regulation).           

2.     For all events, wheels must have at least 16 spokes with the sole exception that construction of the rim shall exclude the use of composite fibres (Carbon, Kevlar, Aramid and similar fibres).       

3.     Only high pressure detachable tyres and tubes shall be used. A detachable type tube means the tube is detachable from the tyre casing. Such high pressure tyres shall be beaded. 

Junior Handlebars
Handlebars shall be of the standard “Classic” style. Bolt on handlebar extensions shall be allowed for under 15 and under 17 riders for the individual pursuit, team pursuit and road and track time trials only. No modification to the extension shall be allowed.

Junior Gear Limitations
Gearing restrictions apply to all Junior category-specific races (in their highest useable gear). Restricted gearing rules exist internationally and are enforced to guard against damage to young bones and muscles that could result through the use of big gears at an early age. Gear restrictions are based on a “roll out distance”.

Roll Out Distance is the distance the bike travels in a straight line through one full revolution of the pedal cranks in the biggest gear on the bike:

  • ·J11/13 =  5.500 metres          
  • ·J15      =  6.000 metres
  • ·J17      =  7.000 metres (change effective 1st October 2012)
  • ·J19      =  7.930 metres



(a)     An approved helmet shall be worn at all times during competition, warming up for an event or when riding on the road at a race meeting.

(b)     In all road & track cycling events with the exception of International Cycling Union (known as UCI) events, the individual pursuit and track time trials, an Australian Standards approved (AS 2063) helmet is to be worn.

(c)      A helmet must carry the relevant approval sticker confirming approval and certification to AS/NZ 2063 before a cyclist is to start in any cycling event.

(f)      For the individual pursuit and track, time trials, approved helmets shall bear either, AS/NZ 2063, ANSI, Snell or EN bicycle helmet approval.

(g)     Any modification to an approved helmet is strictly prohibited, including swapping or tampering with stickers, structural or aerodynamic modification.

(h)     Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the rider’s withdrawal from the event in addition to any other penalty that may be applied by a race official.